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Sales and Commodity Tax Canada Services

If you are a resident in Canada, or a non-resident carrying on business in Canada, or if you are selling certain real estate or certain property within Canada you are not only subject to Canadian taxation but also to Canada’s sales and commodity tax. 

Commodity tax in Canada covers consumption-based taxes, like GST/HST and PST. These taxes vary widely depending on the province. For business owners dealing with many different provinces, states and even countries, navigating the sales and commodity tax field can be time-consuming and complicated.

If you are dealing with a province that has its own sales tax, you cannot simply rely on your own knowledge of GST/HST. Our tax experts at Manning Elliott are current on federal and provincial sales and commodity tax rules so that you can avoid risks associated with collecting and filing incorrectly.

Some of the sales and commodity tax issues our taxation advisors can help assist you with include:

  • Audits, assessments, objections, appeals, and voluntary disclosures.

  • Applications for refund requests and establishing relevant exemptions.

  • Help preparing tax forms and elections.

  • Minimizing sales taxes when acquiring new assets.

  • Dealing with the transfer of assets in sale and reorganization transactions.

Sales and Commodity Tax Canada Services

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