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Manufacturing Accounting (plus Distribution)

Canada’s manufacturing and distribution industries are constantly facing challenges both domestically and internationally. They face many complex issues including, among others:

  • Managing for growth
  • Dealing with the ever-changing economic environments
  • How to attract skilled labor
  • Increasing costs to operate successfully
  • Regulatory compliance 
  • And the expanding role of technology

It is essential to face those challenges with effective business and financial planning.

Professional Accounting and Business Advisory Services

Manning Elliott offers professional accounting and business advice for the manufacturing and distribution industries. We are here to help you navigate these challenges and help the continued growth of your business at any stage. 

Our accounting professionals work with you in analyzing your business needs and help you develop strategies and action plans that focus on profitability and long-term growth in business value.

Our team of expert tax advisors has significant background and experience in advising the manufacturing and distribution sectors. We work with a broad spectrum of manufacturing and distribution businesses and this background and knowledge is what makes our skilled CPA professionals indispensable for many.

Manning Elliott CPA professionals can help you with the following:

  • Guidance with financing, buying and operations expansion
  • Financial reporting, including audit reporting 
  • Taxation, including tax planning and structuring
  • Advisory services concerning profitability and building business value
  • Business transition, purchase and sale, plus transition to the next generation
  • Business restructuring  
  • Assistance with government programs and grants
  • Cost and labour management
  • Compliance and regulatory reporting

Manning Elliott’s manufacturing and distribution experts assist businesses to be successful and help owners build business value going forward. 

No matter how the manufacturing and distribution industry changes, or what challenges and opportunities you may be facing, our committed team is here to help. 

Did you know we also offer professional services for the Life Sciences industry?

Building Business Value

Working with our clients, we emphasize the importance to think “end in mind” when managing your business. Making sure the things you are doing are contributing to building business value.

We actively work with business owners that go through a generational shift in their business transition and create customized business plans specific to your business. Manning Elliott’s transition specialists can provide the following: 

  • Formulating a business transition plan to ensure the smooth transfer of your business to the next generation (or a plan that involves the outright sale of the business).
  • Protecting your assets during the transition as well as post-transition.
  • Minimize tax costs related to your business transition.
  • Building a lasting financial legacy for your business and family.

Manning Elliott wants to help you face ANY and ALL challenges in the manufacturing and distribution industry. 

Get to know our Industry Experts:

Brandon Kelley

Partner at Manning Elliott Abbotsford

Rick Gendemann

Partner at Manning Elliott Abbotsford

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