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Public Company Accounting Services

All publicly-traded companies require an audit in order to file financial statements with regulators. So, why choose Manning Elliott out of all the accounting firms out there that offer public company services?

Manning Elliott is known for its collaborative and involved approach to the accountant/client relationship. When you invest in Manning Elliott’s services, you are getting more than an audit. You are getting a team that will analyze your company’s financial workings and give advice to help your company get the most out of the tax and accounting process. 

Manning Elliott can assist your publicly-traded company with:

  • Financial statement audit and interim review services

  • Assistance with complex accounting and financial reporting issues

  • Assistance with prospectuses, information circulars, filing statements and other regulatory filings

  • Internal control and corporate governance reviews

  • Audits of capital pool companies (CPCs)

  • Due diligence services for underwriters, sponsors and agents

Our Public Company Services

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