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First Nations and Indigenous Accountant

Manning Elliott is deeply committed to providing excellent Indigenous business tax services, accounting and tax help to First Nations individuals, groups and organizations. That includes full audit services. 

Over the years, Manning Elliott has dedicated considerable resources to training our team of First Nations CPA and business advisors. Our team of CPAs are regarded as experts for the accounting and tax needs of First Nations and Indigenous organizations. 

We’re here to help with everything!

First Nations councils are guaranteed a personal relationship with our CPAs, particularly senior members of our accounting team. This is one of the many ways Manning Elliott ensures your accounting needs get quality attention. We’re here to help you through tax processes, all the while helping you to build strong control systems for your First Nation government if needed.

We’re here to advise and aid:

  • First Nation business owners; original entrepreneurs and band-owned businesses

  • Decision-makers in First Nation communities and organizations

  • Non-Indigenous businesses partnering with Indigenous partners

Audit & Consultation 

Manning Elliott CPAs not only issue audits but look at a business’ internal control systems to ensure that the financial reporting is done appropriately and the funds are adequately accounted for.

First Nations band-owned businesses do not pay taxes if the businesses are located on-reserve. Manning Elliott’s skilled CPAs help with your business structure to ensure that your tax-free status is maintained. We help chief and council design proper governance structures and financial systems, making sure the Nation is operating as best as it can. We review your contracts and leases to make sure you’re in a profitable space and in good business relationships. 

Manning Elliott CPAs work with Chief and council closely. We also provide due diligence services, including being a sounding board for the First Nation’s business board itself—we advise First Nation business owners on general business plans and buy and sell decisions. Our team of accounting specialists can help with financing needs by using our contacts to help Indigenous owners further grow their business.

Non-Indigenous Partners

For non-Indigenous businesses partnering with Indigenous businesses, Manning Elliott CPAs can help navigate the partner’s governance structures. We can also help you to structure your business’ affairs in order to take advantage of any tax exemptions applicable through your partnership with a First Nation business. 

Did you know we also offer professional services to the Real Estate industry?

Our group of accounting professionals are one of the founding Partners with Sto:lo Nation, of the Sto:lo Finance Officers Association (SFOA). This is an association that is deeply important to Manning Elliott. 

The mandate of SFOA is to provide meaningful, impactful and timely presentations on topics relevant to the local Indigenous communities. SFOA also seeks to facilitate open dialogue between Indigenous communities on areas of concern amongst its finance professionals and leaders. 

Get to know our Industry Experts:

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