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Taking Your Company Public

If you are looking to take your company public, Manning Elliott can help get you ready. We work with our clients and their management team in a collaborative process to help interpret any regulations that are new to you. 

Our expertly trained CPAs can assist your public company with:

  • Regulatory compliance and consulting services for companies going public

  • Assurance services related to financial statements for business acquisition reports

  • Reviews of Pro-forma financial statements required for mergers, acquisitions and reverse takeovers

When preparing your company to go public, Manning Elliott will audit the financial statements required to do so—this often means doing financial statement audits of the current year as well as up to three previous years, depending on the circumstances.

Other firms often require companies to sort out their own specific “going public” requirements before using their services. But Manning Elliott tries to assist our clients earlier in the going-public process, through a tailored and collaborative relationship. 

Taking Your Company Public

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