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Business Transition and Sale

Business transition planning is not simply a plan that sits on a shelf and implements itself; it is a process that works continuously with the day-to-day goals of the business. Manning Elliott’s transition advisors are there to help you construct the best business transition strategy for you, all while considering the following:

  • How can you best protect your assets during and post-transition? What are the tax implications associated with the transition? Can you minimize them?

  • How can you build a lasting financial legacy for your family and your estate?

  • What marketplace do you currently operate in and what changes do you see going forward that will impact your transition plan?

  • What are possible threats to the continued health of your business?

  • How can you make sure that your transition plays out the way you want it to play out? 

Are You Ready for Transition?

How ready are you to exit or transition your business? Find out by taking our Business Exit Readiness Analysis! Receive a FREE personalized Exit/Transition Readiness Scorecard when you complete the assessment.

Business Transition and Sale

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