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January 16, 2015

Meet Our New Managing Partner, Alden Aumann

With the retirement of Mike Corney, Alden Aumann is stepping into a new role at Manning Elliott. As Mike’s successor, Alden becomes our firm’s new Managing Partner, the second in Manning Elliott’s history.

A UBC graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce, Alden received his Chartered Accountant designation in 1990. Since joining Manning Elliott in 1998, Alden has worked extensively in assurance, compliance and client advisory services for both public and private companies. Particularly experienced at taking companies public, he serves clients in a variety of industry sectors including: real estate, technology, hospitality, financial services, natural resources, manufacturing and distribution.

In 2006, Alden was a key member of the team that developed the firm’s China public practice.

Excited about new challenges

The Managing Partner position, first established just six years ago, presents a never-ending challenge to keep the firm responsive and competitive – and to manage its growing team of partners.

Alden says he’s always enjoyed new challenges, “especially when they have the potential to create significant growth for our firm. Developing our China practice was that kind of challenge, but taking over from Mike is an even bigger one.”

“Managing Partner is a major leadership position with the overall responsibility for setting and achieving our goals. I’d say my work is really cut out for me for the foreseeable future, and I’m looking forward to it!”

Alden’s new role

Specifically, Alden will now be responsible for running the firm’s business, setting and maintaining standards of service and taking charge of securing new business. The role of Managing Partner also means dealing with governance and partner issues and administering overall strategic direction for the firm.

Although it means he will no longer be devoting his energy and abilities exclusively to clients, Alden says he has no intention of dropping that important aspect of his work.

“Accounting is a true test of your knowledge and understanding of financial complexity. Staying involved with clients will keep those skills honed – and will keep me up to date with the realities of this business. It will help me be a better leader.”

A natural, proactive leader

Since joining Manning Elliott in 1998, and becoming a partner in 2001, Alden has carved out a reputation as a natural leader. He’s become renowned for his personal, proactive approach to clients, and his resourcefulness and creativity in finding innovative answers to complex financial reporting challenges.

Alden has always insisted on being accessible to clients, partners and team members – an open-door policy he plans to continue. As he goes forward in his new role, Alden encourages both clients’ and colleagues’ input. “I want to continue to hear ideas and feedback that will make us a better firm moving forward.”

Looking ahead

Alden wants to build on Manning Elliott’s dynamic vision and strategic plan. He will pay special attention to continuing the vital, firm-wide initiative of delivering outstanding client service, attracting new talent and new clients.

Alden says, “We’re at an exciting point. Over the years we’ve done a great job of developing our specialty practices and services. I look forward to building on that success and taking us to the next level, because what we have developed so far has played a key role in our growth to date.”

Please join us in welcoming Alden Aumann to his new role as Manning Elliott’s Managing Partner. Congratulations, Alden! – and thank you for your continuing hard work, commitment and dedication.