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China Specialty Accountants

Manning Elliott is home to a 20-person group of CPAs that specialize in accounting and taxation services for Chinese clients, as well as those from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Whether you are a new immigrant, a returning resident to Canada, or a public or private company based in Asia or Canada, we are here to help you navigate your financial needs. 

We are proud to have helped Chinese clients for over 15 years … and counting. 

Many of our clients have investments in Canada or require tax planning before or after they come to Canada. We also help our clients go public in Canada and the United States if that is their goal. Our CPAs are familiar with both sides from both a tax and business perspective. 

Manning Elliott offers the following:

  • Advice to corporations and individuals on establishing, investing, financing, and managing their business in Canada

  • Advising and informing on the regulatory, tax, and financial implications of the decisions that you or your business makes in or outside of Canada

In-Person Services

Manning Elliott is unique in that our China specialty group does not stay in contact with its Chinese clients just over email and phone. Rather, our CPAs can provide face-to-face service on the ground. Our team members spend a great deal of time in Asia, which gives them a deep understanding of Chinese taxation needs. 

We will come to you, and help you to get the solutions you need to solve any accounting or taxation issues. 

Manning Elliott places high value on its relationships with its clients and its contacts. Not only do we have a professional team of CPAs who speak Mandarin and Cantonese, but those CPAs have an extensive contact list of contacts of bankers, lawyers, and business owners—among others—that they call on for information needed to better service our clients.

At Manning Elliott, we are proactive. We don’t wait for business opportunities to simply come to our clients—we go and create the opportunities and grow with our client’s

Assurance & Advisory Services

Let’s get into the details. Manning Elliott’s China specialty group provides:

  • Assistance with complex accounting, financial reporting and compliance issues

  • Assistance with IPO, prospectuses, information circulars, filing statements and other regulatory filings

  • Audit review or compilation of financial statements

  • Design of corporate structures

  • Merger and acquisition due diligence audits

  • Review of internal controls and corporate governance

Tax Services

Manning Elliott’s China specialty group has clients with businesses in Asia or in China, or assets in those countries. When filing a Canadian tax return, these clients must consider the income they have made from overseas, as well as any taxes already paid. Manning Elliott is here to structure your business so that you can avoid double taxation and generally overpaying taxes. 

Our expertly trained CPAs can provide the following taxation services: 

  • Designing a business succession and retirement plan

  • Foreign property reporting and tax compliance

  • Non-resident tax compliance

  • Tax compliance for corporation and individuals

  • Cross-border tax planning to Canada and the United States

As a firm with CPAs on the ground in China, we know the culture and how business operates there. We know that this immersion is valuable to our clients. Whether your business is at its early stages, middle, or large national stage, Manning Elliott is equipped to help you every step of the way. 

China Specialty Accountants

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