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Japanese Business Specialty Group - Accounting, Tax & Advisory Services

Japanese Business Specialty Group - Accounting, Tax & Advisory Services

Manning Elliott’s Japanese Business Specialty Practice provides specialized accounting, tax and business advisory services to new and existing businesses based in Japan who are in the process of establishing operations in Canada. 

Our Japanese Business Specialty Accounting, Tax & Advisory Services Include:

  • Providing outsourcing services including: bookkeeping, payroll, invoicing, certain banking functions, arranging payments, preparing and filing GST / PST returns, reporting to head office in Japan and other functions normally done by an internal accounting department.
  • Analyzing the Canadian tax advantages and disadvantages of a Canadian subsidiary vs. branch office vs. representative office.
  • Advising regarding Canadian income tax.
  • Working with the lawyer and advising regarding the tax considerations of the appropriate structure for financing a subsidiary in Canada, including common shares, preferred shares and / or loans.
  • Advising regarding the Canadian taxation of expatriate employees from Japan, including payroll gross up (equalization) calculations and the taxation of employee benefits.
  • Assisting with CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) registrations (income tax, payroll and GST).
  • Assisting with registration for WorkSafeBC (workers’ insurance).
  • Advising regarding the GST (Goods and Services Tax) and BC PST (Provincial Sales Tax), and preparing and filing GST and PST returns.
  • Advising regarding transfer pricing issues for international related company transactions.
  • Advising regarding the repatriation of profits to related companies in Japan, including interest, dividends, management fees, and royalties, and the related withholding taxes.
  • Setting up QuickBooks accounting software to meet the parent company reporting requirements.
  • Performing monthly or quarterly bookkeeping and accounting services.
  • Preparing annual financial statements.
  • Preparing and filing annual T2 corporate tax return and T106 transfer pricing information return.

We work with Japanese clients in many industries including, tourism, real estate investment, real estate development, software development, mobile game software development and sales, exporting Canadian building products to Japan, LNG development and export to Japan, gaming supplies, importing and selling Japanese electronics in Canada, ship inspection, transportation, home stay coordination and education.

Our team has extensive experience working with investors from Japan as well as many other countries, who have invested in Canadian real estate, specifically within British Columbia.  The knowledge and technical expertise we possess enables us to deliver practical solutions tailored to the objectives of our clients and their specific circumstances.

In addition to the services we provide to corporations and individuals from Japan, we also assist local Japanese clients who have immigrated to Canada. It is our pleasure to share our knowledge and experience which has been developed over many years.

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