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Professional Estate Planning Services & Wealth Preservation

Professional Estate Planning Services & Wealth Preservation

As trusted financial, business, and tax advisors, Manning Elliott LLP is regularly called upon to work with entrepreneurs and other business people to help them meet their financial goals and life objectives.  

By taking a hands-on approach with our clients and their financial and tax affairs, our estate planning accountants in BC can act as key advisors in helping develop a tax-efficient estate plan for them and their families.

We welcome the opportunity to work as your estate planning accountant and help you reach your financial goals plus develop a successful estate plan. To book a complimentary initial consultation with a member of our estate planning team, please download and submit the estate planning checklist below. A member of our estate planning team will be in touch with you shortly thereafter.

Click the link to download our checklist: Estate Planning Checklist

What Do You Want In Retirement?

Estate Tax Planning and Business Succession - Estate planning can mean many things for many different people, so we look for solutions that will fit each family’s specific situation. Generally, estate tax planning focuses on managing your current financial and tax affairs to provide for the kind of lifestyle you would like to enjoy in retirement. Most often that includes a business succession plan to find ways to successfully transfer your business and estate to your heirs.

Preserving Wealth - A successful estate plan usually starts with a structured plan for preserving wealth while you are alive. Further planning ensures an orderly transfer of wealth to your heirs with a minimum of taxes and estate fees. 

What Are Your Family’s Goals?

Wealth Transfer - Including Manning Elliott as part of your advisory team means we have the time and information we need to become familiar with you, your family and your assets. That, in turn, means we can make sure to keep the broader goals of your family in mind as we develop an overall estate plan. In short, we understand the effects of wealth transfer on succeeding generations and take a holistic approach to ensuring that everyone’s needs are addressed.

We Can Guide You Through Every Step

Minimizing Transfer Tax - Manning Elliot has extensive experience helping individuals and families manage their estate transfer tax exposure. We would be happy to walk you through organizing and taking care of your financial life. Having your financial affairs in good order is the best way we know to give you and your family lasting peace of mind.

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As a leading Vancouver accounting firm Manning Elliott LLP has been offering financial, business, and tax advisory services to entrepreneurs and family businesses for over 65 years including basic estate planning and international estate planning.

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