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USA, Canada & International Financial Reporting Services

USA, Canada & International Financial Reporting Services

Financial Reporting Needed To Clarify Business And Economic Complexity

Private companies and public companies operate in an economic and financial environment that seems to grow more and more complex and difficult to understand with each passing year.

Who could have predicted that derivatives trading would lead to the near-catastrophic collapse of markets in 2007-2008, threaten the global economy and lead to the demise or near-demise of some of the world's largest manufacturers and financial institutions?

It may not be possible to fully grasp what's happening in something so large and complicated as the global economy. But there is a tool to help you understand what is happening in a business – whether it's your business, a business you are dealing with, or one whose health affects yours. That tool is proper financial reporting.

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Three Goals of Local & International Financial Reporting

At Manning Elliott, our financial reporting advisory services focus on three main goals:

  1. First, financial reporting must be relevant. It must provide useful information that can be used by investors, purchasers, potential partners and financial planners to make well-informed business decisions.
  2. Second, financial reporting has to be timely, which simply means it has to be available now – when it can still be useful – not weeks or months from now.
  3. Third, financial reporting should be accurate and clear. Is the information gathered and presented objectively? Does it properly reflect the company? Can the financial report be interpreted without fuzziness or ambiguity?

Proficiency In Domestic And International Financial Reporting Standards

Manning Elliott's accountants understand international issues in financial reporting. We apply international financial reporting standards to all our financial reports, whether for our home country, Canada, or for companies in the USA or overseas. Naturally, that also means our accounting teams must be proficient in the accepted accounting rules for each country we deal with:

  • GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practices) in the USA
  • IFRS (International Financial Report Standards) in Canada, and much of the rest of the world
  • And other financial reporting standards, such as:
    - PCAOB (Public Company Accounting Oversight Board)
    - ASPE (Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises)

Fortunately, international accounting and financial reporting standards have been converging in recent years on IFRS, a trend that makes it easier for public and private companies to compare themselves with their peers, wherever they may be located.

Diverse, Multilingual Team Offering Financial Reporting Advisory Services

Whether our CPA's are preparing straightforward quarterly or annual financial reports, or full audits, we distinguish ourselves from many other accounting firms by our willingness to go where the client is. To that end, Manning Elliott has assembled a diverse, multilingual team of chartered accountants and professional business advisors who can deal comfortably in almost any cultural setting.

And what that simply means is that, no matter where your public or private company may be located (or its branches, partners, suppliers or interests) we can go there.

Manning Elliott will collect information first-hand, and produce the kinds of accounting and financial reports, and audited statements that will be readily acceptable to domestic and international banks, investors or any other entity that may require an audited financial statement before doing business with you.

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For more than six decades, Manning Elliott LLP has been offering professional chartered accounting, financial reporting, and business advisory services to business clients throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. We also service clients throughout BC, across Canada, in the USA, as well as other international markets. Ask us about international financial reporting services.

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