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Cannabis Accounting Services

With recreational cannabis now on the Canadian market, Manning Elliott’s accounting specialists are here to help your cannabis company navigate the industry from a financial standpoint—whether you are a public company or a private company that wants to go public

Our accounting specialists understand the cannabis industry through and through—along with all the documentation needed for both internal purposes and external audit purposes. 

Manning Elliott is here to support your business through the following: 

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Accessing capital in order to carry out business plans to both expand and grow in the cannabis industry

  • Corporate documentation and corporate governance 

  • Quarterly financial reporting requirements

  • Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A)

  • Historical financial statements needed for an audit

  • Tracking and documenting shares and stock transactions

Whether you’ve been growing medicinal marijuana and are adding on recreational cannabis and want to expand your operations, or are in need of new capital, Manning Elliott will make sure your company is compliant with both B.C. and Canadian securities laws. Our CPAs, trained in the complexities of the cannabis industry, provide assurance services for your company’s financial statements and make sure all accounting is done in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). 

Cannabis companies must comply with the IAS 41 Agriculture standard in order to be in compliance with international financial reporting standards. Manning Elliott’s accounting specialists are also primed to make sure the accounting for a merger or acquisition is in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standard 3 (IFRS 3). 

Did you know we also offer professional services to the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry?

And finally, at Manning Elliott, we know that many cannabis companies making the transition to recreational marijuana have never gone through an audit before. This process can be especially complicated the first time around. When audit time does come around, our CPAs can guarantee that it’s far from a painful experience! 

Manning Elliott will make the audit process less difficult from both a cost perspective and a time efficiency perspective. 

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