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Complete Financial Accounting Advisory Services

Complete Financial Accounting Advisory Services

When looking for an accounting firm, you should seek one that offers a complete range of financial accounting advisory services. At Manning Elliott LLP, our professional accountants and business advisors offer a global reach and can guide your company on the right path as your business grows.

Whether you are a public company or private practice, although you may not need all of the available financial accounting services right now, your company may require these services as it continues to grow. In that case, it’s more efficient and cost-effective to work with an accounting firm that already knows your business – than to find a new firm and wait for it to get up to speed.

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Manning Elliott in Vancouver, BC Canada, offers clients in Canada, the USA, as well as International clients, a full range of global financial accounting and reporting services, including but not limited to the following.

Financial Forecasts and Projections

In financial accounting, financial projections are forecasts of future revenues and expenses that try to take into account your company’s historical performance, as well as general economic and market conditions and trends. Financial forecasts such as these are useful for helping your company plan and manage its budget.

Financial Accounting Budgeting

Budgets are guidelines to how much revenue you expect to have, as well as the expenses you expect to incur over a specified period. Since they are guidelines, financial budgets and forecasts need to be revisited regularly to ensure that they still reflect your company’s situation.

Planning And Strategic Vision in Financial Accounting

Where is your company now, where does it want to be in the future, and how will it get there? Well-managed companies do not grow willy-nilly, but in an orderly way, guided by a document known as strategic vision. This vision should reflect your company’s principles as well as its goals. Your financial accounting advisory firm should be able to help you craft a meaningful strategic vision and outline the steps for attaining it.

Corporate Financing

Banks, leasing companies and potential investors all want certain specific kinds of information from your company if you are applying to them for funding. The types of forms and application requirements vary widely, and can be time-consuming to manage. As your financial accounting firm, Manning Elliott can help with corporate financing and structure the information to show your company in the best light, thus increasing the likelihood that you will receive the financial approvals you are seeking.

Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory financial reporting may be necessary for a variety of reasons:

  • Taking a company public
  • Carrying on activities that bear on the environment or on public health and safety
  • Or entering markets in other provincial, state or international jurisdictions

Planning for Business Acquisitions, Mergers And Divestitures

These are crucial areas where it is easily possible to make huge and costly mistakes involving tax and regulatory liabilities, company valuations and the possibility of fraudulent representations. It is absolutely essential to understand the exact financial status of companies you are considering partnering with, acquiring, or selling to - especially if those companies are located in other countries.

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There are a wide variety of other accounting services available through Manning Elliot, such as tax planning and filing, estate and succession planning, audited financial statements and more.

For over 60 years we’ve been servicing business clients throughout BC and Canada, plus the USA, as well as other international markets. Ask us about international financial accounting services.

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