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Professional Business Advisory Services by Manning Elliott

Professional Business Advisory Services by Manning Elliott

What Do People Want From A Business Advisory Service?

The type of business advisory services a business owner may want can vary widely. Whether they seek a business advisor for private business, a non-profit or a public business, it will depend on the type of business they are in, the stage they've reached in their career, the sort of business background they have, and their most pressing issues at the moment.

Manning Elliott chartered accountants can offer a broad range of experience and business advice, based on a solid foundation of chartered accountancy. Our goal is to provide you with timely business advice. And, in matters that fall outside our business expertise, to point you to other professional business advisors who can help – such as investment counsellors, insurance brokers, banking consultants, and legal experts.

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Business Advice - An Extension of Accounting Services

Business advisory services are not offered as a separate practice within our firm. Rather, we offer professional business advice as a natural extension of our accounting and taxation services, as they arise from the diverse backgrounds of our senior accounting partners.

So, while you may come to us for specific help with general accounting, tax preparation and planning, and issues related to shareholders' agreements and governance, we also have the experience and contacts to help you in other specialized areas of business including:

  Financial And Estate Planning Probate Minimization
  Business Succession Compliance Issues
  Business Evaluations Audits
  Supplier Agreements International Ventures & Partnerships

Working with the Right Information

In business valuations, for example, our business advisors can show you several ways of arriving at a valuation: through income statements to balance sheet inquiries, and from assessments of goodwill to cash flow discounting. All will present a different picture of value, and lead to different conclusions about price. Having a business advisor with a strong background in accounting is the best way to be sure you are working with the right information, toward the right ends.

The best business advisors are not simply the ones with the most extensive accounting and business experience. The best business advisors are also gifted at creating close personal relationships – and assiduous about learning all they can about your business and your goals for long-term business growth. In conjunction with accounting and business advisory services they can also give you the most beneficial business advice, whether it is about a business valuation, an investment opportunity, venture capital or a potential partnership.

Enhancing Business Returns

At Manning Elliott, we want to be your most trusted business advisor. Our advisory goal is to facilitate and execute your business strategies so as to enhance your basic annual business and personal returns. For such reasons, Manning Elliott partners are often asked to sit on the boards of the private companies we have as business clients, and to recommend other board members who can help guide the company forward.

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Manning Elliott LLP has been offering chartered accounting and business advisory services for over 60 years. Our chartered professional accountants service local clients throughout the Greater Vancouver area, including the Fraser Valley and the BC interior.

We also offer accounting and business advisory services to business clients throughout Canada and the USA. Ask us about international business advisory services.

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