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Ask an Advisor

In today's competitive business landscape, in order for companies to remain successful and relevant they need to ensure they operate effectively and efficiently, and have skilled team members who can deliver results. Manning Elliott's Alden Aumann and Andrew Rasheed break down the keys to being smart with your time in the office and how to retain your best employees.

Behind any successful organization is a great leader and mentor. Whether you’re aspiring to move into a leadership role within your organization or help others by mentoring, the advice from Manning Elliott’s David Diebolt and Ryan Ayre will give you some insight on how to reach the next level.

As any entrepreneur can attest, starting your own business can be an exciting and complex venture. Manning Elliott partners, Craig Prenter and Harjit Takhar, share their advice on what entrepreneurs should consider when starting up a business, and what important aspects of running a business they should focus most of their time on.

In this segment, Manning Elliott partners, Harvey Peters and Abbe Chivers explain the key differences between being paid in wages versus dividends, and, from a business owner’s perspective, whether to pay someone as an employee or a subcontractor.


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