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Whether the end goal is to motivate your employees to perform at their highest level, retain or attract top talent, or create a structure and environment where workers feel invested in the company, incorporating stock options into your compensation model can be very effective. Manning Elliott's Joseph Bonvillain and Steve Reed discuss what business owners should know about stock options and the benefits they gain by issuing them to employees.

The drive and work ethic of any business owner is second to none, and it is these two qualities that garner entrepreneurs a high level of respect from their colleagues. However, sometimes that desire to do anything and everything to ensure success can have a negative impact on business. Manning Elliott partners Todd Kesslar and Keith Elliott shine a light on two key considerations business owners need to address so that they're not only working hard, but working smart as well.

Employment training and skill development are two crucial factors that play a huge role in the future growth and success of any business, big or small. Manning Elliott advisors, Blair East and Adam Denny, discuss the value training organizations bring to the table as well as some of the key benefits organizations can take advantage of, that they might not know about.

The growth of B.C.'s tech industry is certainly attracting a new wave of startup companies that are looking to be the next big thing in tech. However, as anyone who has built a company from the ground up in one of the province's most competitive industries, finding the financial support to turn a business plan into a real, fully operating company is no easy task. Manning Elliott advisors, Paul J. Leedham and Fernando Costa, provide insight on how government incentive programs and securities crowdfunding can help get start-up tech companies off the ground.


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