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The ever changing and growing BC real estate market is getting trickier and trickier to navigate. Here are 3 things you need to know if you are considering investing in the BC real estate market.

Tax season is here and making sure you are prepared is instrumental in making sure you only pay what you should. Should you set up a corporation, how do you lower your family tax, how can an LLC hurt you? Get these answers and more to ensure you are ready to handle your taxes.

For many entrepreneurs, the business brand they create is much more than a name. It represents their businesses identity and voice, and resonates with employees and clients. However, to ensure a business brand has staying power, it’s important that the core values of the business be separate from that of the entrepreneur. Manning Elliott partner’s, Harjit Takhar and Todd Kesslar, share their insights on the keys to building an effective business brand - one that will maximize it’s future value.

Whether it’s working with the leadership team to improve a company’s corporate structure, or coming up with innovative ways to attract and retain top talent, the role of today’s HR departments is constantly evolving and expanding. Manning Elliott partners, Catherine Miller and David Diebolt, provide their insight into how an HR department can propel a company to greater success, as well as discuss some of the challenges HR professionals are facing, on a regular basis, as it relates to job satisfaction.


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